Exporting from Org Mode to Markdown

  • ~M-x org-md-export-to-md~, or, better, ~C-c C-e~, then

    • C-s narrows to subtree from buffer scope
    • m chooses markdown
    • m chooses to new file
  • I want to remove table of contents

    • it seems that there'll only be a TOC if there are subheadings in the export scope!
    • from stackoverflow, add

    #+OPTIONS: toc:nil

    • to the export options at the top of *.org. By itself, this tells org-mode not to include the default TOC when exporting.
    • You can then place the TOC where you want it to go by inserting the following at the desired location.

    #+TOC: headlines

  • I wish it could automatically export to that dir

    :::bash mv *.md /octopress/source/_posts/

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